Frequently Asked Questions

Your basic questions answered:

1. When is THE POWER OF LESS coming out and where can I buy it?

The book was released on Dec. 30, 2008 in fine bookstores across the U.S., as well as in major online booksellers and e-book “e-tailers”.

2. Will the book be available in other countries?

Yes, it is licensed to be published in numerous languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, and others, and to be published and distributed in numerous countries, including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Spanish-speaking countries, Israel and others.

3. Will there be an audiobook?

Yes! It’s available at Amazon and other online booksellers.

4. Will the book be available as an ebook or on Amazon Kindle?

Yes! It is available now, the Kindle version from Amazon and multiple ebook formats from other fine etailers.

5. Where can I read more by Leo Babauta?

Leo is a reknowned blogger at Zen Habits, where he has written hundreds of personal development and productivity articles, and Write To Done, where he writes about blogging and writing. He has written the best-selling ebook Zen To Done: The Ultimate Productivity System, has written for many blogs (do a Google search) and has also done freelance writing for numerous magazines and newspapers. Read his author bio for more info.

6. Can I read the Table of Contents for THE POWER OF LESS?

Sure, check out our page about the book.

7. If I’m already a Zen Habits fan, what will THE POWER OF LESS offer me that I might not get on the website?

THE POWER OF LESS takes the most essential concepts of Zen Habits and boils them down into one small, compact volume: a simple but powerful tool for simplifying and becoming more effective. Regular Zen Habits readers would have to go through hundreds of articles to find the same concepts. THE POWER OF LESS also lays out, in a step-by-step logical manner, a roadmap to transforming your life, in a way I’ve never shown my readers before. It’s also something you can carry around as a kind of reference as you go through your changes and need motivation or reminders of how to focus on the essential.

Interview Leo

If you’d like to do an interview with Leo Babauta, through email (preferred) or over the phone, please contact him: zenhabits [AT SYMBOL] gmail [DOT] com with the words “interview leo” in the subject line to avoid spam filters.

Review Copy

Would you like a review copy of the book? See this page.