Power of Less Tips of The Day

Leo Babauta is offering a Tip of the Day through Twitter — powerful tips to help you focus on the essential and get to less.

The tips so far:

  1. Don’t make resolutions, create a new habit. It lasts longer. Try the New Year’s Challenge.
  2. Start your New Year with a clear desk. Clear everything off the top of the desk but the essential tools.
  3. Set one major goal for this year. Focus yourself completely into making it happen. Make it a mantra.
  4. Take action TODAY to make your One Goal happen. Even a small action. Tomorrow: repeat.
  5. Schedule time for yourself, right now. Every day if possible, even if it’s just 10 mins.
  6. Practice effective focus. Spend 30 minutes just focusing on one task. Clear distractions. It gets easier.
  7. Realize that you don’t need to respond to email right away-no one expects you to. It can wait! Checking email just twice a day is possible if you let go of the need to respond immediately.
  8. To relax during times of stress or chaos, focus on 10 breaths. Pay attention as each breath comes in, and out.
  9. Limit emails you send to reduce the flow and time spent on email. Try choosing just 5 essential msgs to send. (Or whatever number works best for you.)
  10. Try 30 min patience sessions: don’t get mad or impatient with anyone/anything. It gets easier with practice.
  11. To experience amazing levels of productivity, disconnect from the Internet for an hour.
  12. Learn to be in the moment. When you eat, just eat. You’ll enjoy life more.
  13. Make one small change in your diet at a time. Much easier than making a drastic overhaul of your diet.
  14. Positive public pressure is a huge motivator. Tell as many people as possible about a goal or habit change.
  15. If you spend a lot of time fiddling with your to-do/productivity app, try a simple notebook or text file. Then focus on doing.

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