Taming Your Email: Audio Tips on Finding Inbox Zen

The second in a series of four free audio tips podcasts made available here on ThePowerofLess.com:

Taming Email: Getting to Inbox Zen (mp3 download)

This podcast can be played on your computer, iPod or other media device. The podcast talks about:

  • Why email is a great tool, but results in us doing more and more than ever before.
  • Why you should control email instead of vice versa, and why the world won’t end if you don’t check email.
  • Strategies for reducing the flow of emails.
  • Strategies for handling the emails that do get to you after you reduce the flow.

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One other audio podcast tips has been released and two more will be released this week related to The Power of Less:

  1. Office Zen: How to Focus on One Task at a Time.
  2. Setting and achieving goals.
  3. Effective weight loss strategies.

These topics and more are discussed in more depth in The Power of Less — for more information:

You can order the book today: